Regis Park

Regis Park Flatbush consists of 66 lots located in a pleasant park-like setting, featuring a walking track and specially planted native gardens.

Regis Park is ideally located to enjoy easy access to:

  • Botany Town Centre’s European flavour
  • Whitford Park and the internationally renowned Formosa Golf Club
  • Pine Harbour Marina and many favourite fishing spots
  • Historic Howick and the charming rural Whitford Village
  • Motorways, Auckland International Airport and Auckland’s CBD
  • Sir Barry Curtis Park and the new Flatbush Town Centre (under construction)


A Unique Natural Environment

  • Ground-breaking New Zealand landscape designer Dennis Scott has designed Regis Park as the future blueprint for countryside living
  • 66 individual sections averaging 1400m2 are nestled in 33 ha of gently rolling, rural landscape
  • A mixture of stunning rural vistas and spectacular views of Manukau Heads through to the Auckland CBD and Sky Tower


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